Police react as Chicago gun violence spills onto expressways


After a six-month span that saw a surge in shootings and homicides, Johnson said the department will deploy additional officers, backed up by State Police and Cook County Sheriff forces to target major roads and freeways. But he did say officers have been told they can work on their days off and the total number of officers working will be in the thousands.

“Our message to those who wish to victimize neighborhoods with violence is that your actions will not be tolerated”, Johnson said Thursday during a press conference.

“This weekend we’ll have extra crews out here, covert cars out here and we’ll have air support”, said ISP Director Leo Schmitz, who noted numerous expressway shootings are the result of gang conflict.

The Chicago Police Department said it will dispatch detectives to every expressway shooting scene to assist state troopers in their investigations – an acknowledgment that gangs are taking their violent clashes from the city streets to the expressways. Johnson said the department has traditionally added officers for key weekends each year, and noted that homicides and shootings have declined after a steep upturn that began in December.

While 2016 has gotten off to a “very rocky start” Johnson claimed the numbers of gang-related shootings are beginning to go down, although news media reports state that gun violence in Chicago is running 50 percent higher than past year.

“Any level of violence in Chicago is unacceptable … since the beginning of the year we started out very rocky, in a really bad place, but we’ve seen the numbers progressively go down”, Johnson said. “We’re making progress but it’s not success”.

LeBron James Wonders The Meaning Of ‘Valuable’ After Steph Curry Wins MVP


In Game 3 of the series, an offensive outburst from Portland’s marquee point guard Lillard dropped 40 points and led the Blazers to the win.

The fifth-seeded Trail Blazers gave the top-seeded Warriors a battle in Game 5, leading early by as many as 11 points and hanging within 118-116 inside the final 50sec of the game.

The Trail Blazers, who led for the first 29 minutes of the game, regained a 96-95 advantage on a driving hoop by McCollum with 10:45 remaining in the contest.

Take a bow, Stephen Curry. This year the center of the conversation has been 28-year-old point guard Stephen Curry from the Golden State Warriors.

After Game 4, he said: “Do I think they’re done?”

The most cited bit of LeBron’s comments was his mention of “different results”. While the one-two punch might not be able to match the absurdity of Steph and Klay, Portland’s own Splash Brothers were the only reason the team ever got this far. “Interesting that the unanimous MVP’s team is plus-10.8 without him on the floor”. I had to say that.

The MVP award is chosen by a panel of 130 sportswriters and broadcasters in the United States and Canada with one vote going to fans.

They’ve done this before.

“Last year at this time we were all on vacation”, Miami coach Erik Spoelstra said. Stephen Curry has been quoted as saying too that if they don’t win the championship, it doesn’t matter what they have achieved in the season, as it is the playoffs and the post season where you have to make your mark.

They will be waiting eagerly to find out the victor between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs, with OKC leading the series 3-2.

Once again, Golden State delighted its raucous home crowd at Oracle Arena, where yellow confetti fell immediately after the final buzzer.

“He wasn’t emotional and a year ago he was very emotional”, Warriors coach Steve Kerr said of Curry before the game. “So, I don’t, do you have really any debate over that, really, when it comes to that award?”

Curry’s epic performance was the talk of the town and former National Basketball Association star Charles Barkley, one of the 50 Greatest Players in National Basketball Association history, said that Curry is one of the greatest shooters of all time. In his first start since spraining a ligament in his right knee during the first-round series against the Houston Rockets, he went 36 minutes and found time for a game-high 11 assists.

“We’ll see how Bogut and Draymond do, but yeah, we need a little rest”, Kerr said. “Even Steph is coming back from his injury. It wasn’t our best stuff, but we got it done”. I trust our team to come out ready to go and close this series out.

Barcelona Campeón de la Liga Española 2015


Con tres goles del delantero uruguayo Luis Suárez, el Barcelona se impuso por 3-0 en la cancha del Granada, en la última fecha del campeonato, y revalidó su vigésimo cuarto título de campeón de España al sumar 91 puntos, uno más que el Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo arrancó el partido anotando a los 7 minutos y luego marcó otro gol, pero nada de esto sirvió pues el Barcelona ganó su encuentro gracias al triplete de Luis Suárez, quien además le arrebató el título de goleador a CR7.

Luis Suárez se llevará su segunda Bota de Oro, tras haber logrado la primera en su época en el Liverpool, en la temporada 2013/2014, con 31 tantos. Lionel Messi jugó la totalidad del partido pero no tuvo una actuación destacada, pues sólo fue desequilibrante en el tercer tanto, cuando brindó una excelsa habilitación al vacío para Neymar, que luego dejó al uruguayo de cara al arco, sin ninguna resistencia.

Un centro de Gareth Bale fue rematado por Karim Benzema en un semifallo que se convirtió en asistencia para el portugués.

Cristiano Ronaldo marcaría el segundo gol en el minuto 25 al rematar de cabeza un córner, pero en ese momento, el Barcelona ya se había puesto por delante en Granada.

El Barcelona, que ha ganado seis de los últimos diez títulos de liga, reduce diferencias en el historial frente al Real Madrid, que lleva 32 frente a los 24 del equipo catalán.

Atlético Madrid se despidió del torneo con un triunfo ante Celta de Vigo y ahora ya se enfocará únicamente en la final de la Champions League, que disputará con el Merengue el próximo 28 de mayo en San Siro.

“Yo creo que a lo largo de toda la temporada hemos estado a un nivel muy alto, muchísimas semanas siendo líderes, muchísimas semanas haciendo un muy buen fútbol“. Después de 38 jornadas no podemos cambiar que el Barcelona es campeón. “Esta Liga la hemos tenido que ganar dos veces”.

Xbox One “Scorpio” Will be More Powerful Than the PS4 Neo


Now, let’s talk about the more important news – Microsoft could be working on a much more powerful Xbox One for next year. Those speculations have mostly been drifting towards an upgrade to Xbox One, to the announcement of a lighter, smaller, cheaper version of the Xbox One. The other console that Microsoft is expected to announce is a slimmer version of the current Xbox One model with a redesigned controller.

The report comes from Kotaku, which stated that there may be at least two Xbox One consoles in the works and set to come in this year and the next.

The second console, code-named “Scorpio” and due out in 2017, will have a more powerful GPU and be technically capable of supporting the Oculus Rift, which Microsoft is reportedly pursuing a partnership with.

As for the smaller version due this year, consumers might see it next month at the E3 conference.

S4kPlaystation “NEO” is going to be a 4k gaming beast, but Microsoft is reportedly planning a couple big moves of its own.

Microsoft is also dabbling with 4K”. The game will also be released on PlayStation 4 and PC, the game’s title includes “VR”, suggesting it’s in development for PlayStation VR and Oculus or Vive.

Acknowledging but not confirming this week’s reports, Xbox division head Phil Spencer indicated that Microsoft’s hardware plans will be unveiled at E3 on June 13.

So when can we expect to hear anything official from Microsoft? Based on this new rumor, it would appear that the new Xbox One rumor is true.

First off, we know that a well-known European studio will be behind the game. This project’s goal is to blur the lines between the Xbox One and Windows 10, with games getting released for both simultaneously. Not much has been revealed by sources, but they only reported that this device has a superior graphics processing unit.

Tornado warning prompts evacuation of Kansas City airport


A tornado that touched down on Wednesday evening in Dickinson County, Kansas, which sits about 165 miles west of the airport, obliterated eight houses and almost destroyed 15 to 20 more homes and farmsteads, the Kansas Adjutant General’s Department said in a statement.

The National Weather Service began issuing tornado warnings early Thursday afternoon, with the first sighting of a tornado near the tiny northeast Kansas town of St. George in Riley County about 2 p.m. He said people were calm and they were evacuated to tunnels for about 35 to 40 minutes.

“As the storm approached Chapman, it turned slightly south and missed the city. taking a path just south of town”, Trooper Ben Gardner said on Twitter.

Kansas City, Missouri; Omaha, Nebraska; and Oklahoma City could all see large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes, Van Dam said. A separate watch was in effect for part of northern Oklahoma until 1 a.m.

Lightning from a severe storm fills the sky behind a grain elevator in Belvue, Kansas, on Wednesday, May 25, 2016.

Wednesday night’s tornado that just missed Chapman was at least an EF-3 with winds up to 165 miles per hour that National Weather Service said.

The weather service says Wednesday’s tornado was a half-mile wide and completely destroyed a farmstead near Chapman.

The tornadoes, which injured at least two people, were part of a series of storms that also pounded the Plains with rain and hail.

Jonesboro, Arkansas, saw more than six inches of rain, according to the National Weather Service – including three inches that poured down in a single hour.

The boy was found about two blocks from where he fell into the storm drain. He was rescued after two officers heard his cries for help. No injuries were reported.

White says crews will conduct a survey Wednesday in the counties to determine how many tornadoes touched down, their strength and how long they were on the ground.

The forecast comes as people on the Eastern Plains are still cleaning up from several tornadoes, hail and strong winds from Tuesday’s storms.

There were also preliminary reports of tornados across northeast Colorado associated with storms late on Tuesday afternoon and early evening, Cohen said. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said no one was injured.

The same storm system destroyed a home in Ottawa and damaged a second house. The weather service reported hail caused extensive damage to buildings and vehicles near Platner and Otis in Washington County.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard divorce after 15 months of marriage


The 30-year-old actress reportedly showed up to court on Friday (May 27) with a bruise on her face, according to TMZ.

Johnny is now in Europe and his lawyer, Laura Wasser, who represented him in court on Friday, has yet to comment on Amber’s allegations or the judge’s ruling.

“Hopefully the dissolution of this short marriage will be resolved quickly”, the statement ended.

She left him the following day and filed for divorce on Monday (23May16).

In her legal papers, Amber listed irreconcilable differences as the reason for their separation, which officially began on 22 May (16).

Judge Moor rejected Heard’s request that Depp attend a year’s worth of anger management classes and the protective order be extended to their dogs.

This story is developing.

Heard filed for divorce earlier this week just 15 months after the couple got married in February 2015.

Worse, this tumultuous time comes smack-bang in the middle of Depp’s high-profile press tour for his new film, Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Johnny’s fortune dwarves his ex – and Rum Diary co-star – Amber’s, and it is being reported that the stars did not get a prenuptial agreement before they married in February past year.

They appeared in a freakish PSA video for the government of Australia to avoid a conviction for Heard.

Less than 24 hours after Johnny Depp filed a response to Amber Heard’s divorce filing, a Los Angeles judge has granted Heard a temporary restraining order against Johnny Depp until another hearing is held. It wasn’t until 2012 that they confirmed their relationship – once Depp had separated from his wife of 14 years Vanessa Paradis and Heard had ended her long term relationship with artist Tasya van Ree.

The pair were married on the beach of Depp’s private island, Little Halls Pond Cay, in the Bahamas, on February 3 a year ago with just 24 guests in attendance. As per reports, the actor ought after the then 25-year-old actress for quite a while, before wedding her in a mystery wedding on his private island.

Helen Hunt gets mistaken for Jodie Foster in awkward Starbucks mix-up


Yep, the Starbucks staff member mistook Helen Hunt for fellow Academy Award winning actress, Jodie Foster.

According to Hunt’s Twitter, the As Good As it Gets actress walked into the coffee shop when she was “recognised” by the barista. She winked and said, ‘We got it…

Upon getting wind of the mix up, Starbucks tweeted back at Hunt with a reference to the film for which she won her Oscar, As Good As It Gets.

In a 1994 appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, Hunt explained there were many times when she was mistaken for being Foster. She eventually showed him her driver’s license, and the clerk decided to charge her after all. If you would like to discuss another topic, look for a relevant article.

Apparently that was not the case and Ms. Hunt walked away with a mislabeled cup and probably a pretty bruised ego.

Be Civil – It’s OK to have a difference in opinion but there’s no need to be a jerk. “The guy is checking me out, and says, ‘You’re Jodie Foster.’ And I said, ‘I’m actually not, thank you.’ ‘No you are, I know you’re Jodie Foster.’ ‘I’m begging you, I’m not, I’m really not, ‘” she told Letterman. “He wanted to give me a free turkey, and then I’m not Jodie Foster, so pay up”.

Miley Cyrus se burla de Instagram y enseña sus pezones


Hasta el momento la foto no ha sido retirada de la red social ¿Será que Instagram no se ha dado cuenta? De hecho, ha celebrado la no censura con el hashtag #FreeTheNipple. ¿Terminará Instagram borrándole la foto? .

Sin embargo, en esta ocasión la novia de Liam Hemsworth ha sabido burlar bien los candados de seguridad de Instagram, compartiendo una imagen en donde se muestra en topless. “Pero tú puedes enseñar la zona baja de tus pechos, es algo que nunca entenderé”. Con esto no hacía más que calificar este tipo de censura como absurda, ya que Instagram está eliminando una parte del cuerpo que todos, hombres, mujeres y niños tiene.

Tras intentarlo de todas las maneras posibles, parece haber conseguido publicar una imagen suya en topless , en la que sí se le ven los pezones. ¡Eso podría desatar un huracán!

New plan speeds up light rail expansion project, raises cost


As initially proposed in March, the Sound Transit 3 expansion would not have brought light rail to Everett until 2041. That includes building out light rail to West Seattle and Tacoma by 2030 and to Ballard by 2035.

But after decades of pumping big bucks into Sound Transit, the latest proposal for ST3 hasn’t been a hit for South King County riders.

“Today’s decision to expedite the Graham Street Station by five years demonstrates our commitment to social equity and investments in District 2″, said Council President Bruce Harrell, District 2 (South Seattle).

Sound Transit says the extra $4 billion will be paid with bond money.

Federal Way and Redmond also would get Light Rail service quicker, under the amended plan, by 2024.

“These amendments accomplish the longtime goal of a truly regional light rail system faster than we thought we could, reaching Tacoma three years earlier while extending Tacoma Link to Tacoma Community College two years earlier”, said Sound Transit Boardmember and Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy.

“We’ve watched as other cities have received light rail or generous amounts of parking”, said Corman.

Changes would expand early projects slated for completion within the first eight years, including improvements to Bus Rapid Transit on I-405 between Lynnwood and Burien with added facilities in Kirkland and Renton.

The Sound Transit board also heard the complaints about the length of time before ST3 projects would be completed and adjusted several lines. We need to ensure that Snohomish County is not left out of our regions mass transit system, since the consequences of that to our economy could be devastating.” Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling also supports the new timeline. The $54 billion in investments would be funded through new voter-approved sales, MVET and property taxes.

Sound Transit officials say during public comments about the Sound Transit 3 plan they consistently heard concern about the length of time it would take to open light rail projects under the draft plan. More than 1 million are in King County.

In a phone survey that Sound Transit conducted last month, 65 percent of respondents stated they strongly (30 percent) or somewhat (36 percent) supported the ST3 draft package in a question that described the associated tax increases. The soundtransit3.org website includes a presentation summarizing the public input and phone survey.

Johnny Depp Makes The Mad Hatter Believable, Says Sacha Baron Cohen


TAKING poetic licence reaches new heights in this exquisite, stunning looking sequel to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

The film, in which Mia Wasikowska reprises her titular role, opens in the Straits of Malacca circa 1874, with Alice skillfully commandeering and navigating a ship through stormy waters.

How was it for you working on a project that seems so different from what you’ve done in the past?

“One of the things that I love about the movie is you can’t change the past”, Hathaway told E!

What appealed to me about this movie and this world was the fact that I could actually explore the CG and the idea of CG, both by environment design but also character design.

When life gets frustrating in the real world, of course, Alice climbs through a mirror and is transported back to Underland. Your parents have it, your grandparents have it.

“I thought a sequel would happen really quickly and then it didn’t”. So to be allowed to work in the brainspace of Lewis Carroll was an unbelievable honour.

Bobin: It was hard. Lewis Carroll would not be pleased at with his beloved stories being squandered like this. So it’s quite an unusual narrative. Even though he is no longer directing the film, his production will leave its mark sufficiently visible enough to make it a Burton’s movie. Rather than embrace the clever and original writing of Carroll, Woolverton finds bland and safe ways of telling her version of the story.

Bobin: For sure, and that’s massively important to me. “Nothing is impossible”, says the strong-willed Alice at the film’s start, telegraphing the theme that emerges again and again in the movie.

In 2010, Antony House in Cornwall, England, was a shooting location for numerous scenes in Alice in Wonderland, boosting tourism there. Alice is now a buccaneering ship’s captain and the Hatter is deeply depressed about his missing family.

Bobin: I loved the way he put the character in the first film as a kind of vulnerable, nearly broken Hatter, and that’s what I wanted to do with this one, whereby you feel like he’s broken and he needs fixing.

“He’s very good at falling over”, he grinned of the actor.

This is merely one example of the very amusing quips, quarrels, and inquisitive moments revolving around Time and his adorable band of clock maintenance robots (also known as Seconds). “And therefore I wanted to make him lonely”. To do that, she steals a machine from Time himself, played by Sacha Baron Cohen. So we kind of grew up together making comedy. That honor goes to Sacha Baron Cohen as a new character, Time.

Depp is wasted here, spending most of his time sick in bed while other characters mourn his impending death.